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Wedding Trends: What to Expect in 2018

Wedding Trends: What to Expect in 2018

If you are recently engaged, you’ll want to take note of what the 2018 wedding trends will bring. 2018 will feature edgier wedding dresses, not to mention to a switch from rustic to industrial, this year’s look is bound to please the bride who’s seen it all and wants her day to be different.

Today’s Brides Wants an Edgier Look and Feel to Their Day

Rustic was all the rage for several years, but it is making way for a classier, more grown-up “woodsy Bohemian” style. While brides may crave a more comfortable wedding style, they are moving toward a more grown-up look that ditches the burlap, replacing it with wood, copper and lots of greens. While couples still want that outdoorsy feel, they are opting to take their nuptials (and the ensuring party) back indoors, finding more industrial settings more to their liking.

Offering an open floor plan and a clean slate, the industrial warehouse or loft space will be the “it” venue this year, creating an edgier looking wedding for today’s modern bride.

New Styles Mean New Colors

The color palate of the 2018 wedding is richer and deeper. With this year’s weddings showcasing a more formal feel, it is no surprise that wedding colors will be darker. Gone are the light pastels of the past few years. Over the next 12 months, you’ll see more burgundies, black accents and midnight blues in everything from invitations, table linens and decorations to groomsmen and bridesmaid’s attire. Of course, no 2018 wedding would be complete without this year’s winning color — ultra violet! From table coverings to dresses, this is the must-have color of the season!

Today’s Dresses Offer More Eclectic Choices for the Modern Bride

Wedding dresses are taking on a whole new look and feel this year. Featuring 3D floral appliques, black accents, lots of pearls and a new age bohemian look, don’t be surprised to see lots of edgy jackets and beautiful capes coming down the aisle this year. While styles may sway from the more formal to the ultra-casual, one thing is certain — wedding dresses of 2018 will offer the kind of unique style brides haven’t seen in years!

Grooms too will have the chance to express their style with midnight blue suits, black tuxedos featuring maroon jackets and even a bit of velvet that really stands out!

Over the next 12 months, you’ll see more burgundies, black accents and midnight blues in everything from invitations, table linens and decorations to groomsmen and bridesmaid’s attire.

Florals are Changing Too!

Large cascading bridal bouquets are back! But they aren’t like the ones your mother used 30 years ago. Today’s modern designs feature a mixture of fresh flowers, packed with lots of different greens.

And if you think those tall obnoxious table centerpieces are coming back, think again. This year, brides are opting for very minimal table centerpieces and will use hanging flowers and greens to highlight the table. Not only practical, but it offers an edgy vibe to the entire room!

Creating an Experience for Guests is What Makes 2018 Weddings Shine!

If there is one thing you can count on when it comes to weddings this year, it’s that they will be a true experience to enjoy. Today’s modern couple wants to create an experience that will be talked about for years to come. This includes unique food offerings that highlight specialized menus, food trucks, and sushi bars, photo booths, and outrageously decadent dessert stations.   

Of Course it All Starts with the Perfect Dress

While wedding trends may be surprisingly unique this year, one thing will always stay the same when planning your big day — the importance of the perfect dress. Begin your wedding planning with an appointment at The Perfect Bride, where our trained professionals can help you create the exact look and feel you’re looking for your big day. Call today for an appointment!

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