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Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

The question has been asked, and you've answered — Congratulations you’re engaged! One of the first things you will need to decide (once you pick that all-important date that is) is where to have your wedding. Choosing a venue may sound easy, but it is a decision that will set the stage for your entire event.

Whether you are looking for rustic appeal or a glamorous and sophisticated setting, the Northeast Ohio area offers plenty of options. But, before you start checking out a few places, be sure to answer these important questions:

What Feel Am I After?

Are you planning a casual or formal affair? The venue you choose will set the tone of your wedding and reception. Consider what you want to help narrow your choices.

Do I Want a One-Stop Shop Venue?

From choosing every napkin and flower stem to picking the songs played at the reception, some brides want control over every aspect of her day. Other brides would rather make one choice and allow the staff at the venue to handle the rest, while other brides prefer a mix. Maybe you want the venue to handle decorations, music, and food, while you pick the florist, bakery, and photographer. 

Be sure that you understand what options your favorite venues offer so that you get exactly what you want.

What Special Offerings Does My Favorite Venue Provide?

Are you looking for a venue that offers catering services, set-up, clean-up, decorating, parking (or even valets), and more? Some places offer it all, while others only rent the space (putting the rest of the planning on you).

Also, make sure to check that the venues being considered offer the kind of handicapped accessibility you need, as well as any AV capabilities to ensure that your day doesn't bring any unwanted surprises.

Consider size first. Remember, the bigger your wedding, the more limitations you will have when it comes to finding an appropriate venue. Not every venue can accommodate 500 guests!

Inside or Outside?

Outdoor weddings are all the rage these days, but they do present some unique concerns. Weather is the biggest one. Be sure that the venue you choose has a backup plan for rain or colder temperatures. Maybe they have an indoor spot the wedding and reception can be moved to, or they can add heaters to the tents.

If your wedding must remain outdoors regardless of the weather conditions, make sure that you understand the limitations. For instance, if the ground is soggy and wet, will the venue install a pathway to the reception area, bathrooms, and even parking? If not, you may find that soggy ground too inconvenient.

What Can I Afford?

You may have always dreamed of getting married in front of 500 guests in a historic castle. However, if your budget only allows for an outdoor wedding near your favorite lake, you are going to have to make some decisions.

Consider size first. Remember, the bigger your wedding, the more limitations you will have when it comes to finding an appropriate venue. Not every venue can accommodate 500 guests!

Having a limited budget doesn't mean that you can’t have the wedding of your dreams. You just might have to tweak your expectations to ensure that you get what you want. Maybe you can’t afford that romantic castle, but you may be able to rent space at a historic site or a grand historic church for the same look and feel.

Does My Dress Match My Venue?

If you are planning a themed event, then pairing your venue with your style is going to be easier. But what if you aren’t planning a specific theme? Then take a cue from your wedding dress. A more elaborate dress is going to look out of place in the middle of a field, and a simple style may be dwarfed by elaborate and sophisticated surroundings. Be sure that your dream dress matches any venue you choose.

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