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What To Expect During Your Appointment At The Perfect Bride

What To Expect During Your Appointment At The Perfect Bride

When brides are ready to start their search for the dress of their dreams, there are lots of things to expect! However, many soon-to-be brides are unsure of the process. At The Perfect Bride , we're here to help you through every step. We've even created a list of tips to get you started:

Before Your Appointment

First things first, make sure to book an appointment in advance. If you are going to have one of the girls in your bridal party book it for you, please make sure they have all of your information, including your phone number, email address and wedding date. When booking an appointment, have a couple of dates and times in mind before you call. Your appointment will be scheduled for 90 minutes.

We recommend you limit the number of people you bring with you to four or less. We seem to find that too many opinions tend to make the decision even more difficult.  

When You Arrive

When you come in for an appointment be prepared to buy something! Our advice is always to purchase if you love a gown!

When you arrive at The Perfect Bride, be ready to have some fun!  You will first be introduced to your consultant, who will help guide you through the process! She will be your go-to for any questions about any of the dresses in the shop! If you have pictures or descriptions of what kind of dress you want, share that information with your consultant. She will also love to know when your wedding is and what your gown budget is.

When  looking through the dresses  , keep an open mind. The dresses always look better on bodies than hanging. If something catches your eye, just try it on, it could surprise you!

When trying on dresses, please be aware, that The Perfect Bride has one size sample of every dress, some may be too big for you some may be too small, but just remember we will do our very best to make the dress look as though it fits you perfectly!

When trying on dresses, your consultant is there to help you into them as well as help you zip and clip to make the dress look just as if it fits you!

The Perfect Bride stresses that you do not take photos of every single gown you try on! It tends to get very confusing when you leave to shop with pictures of 25 dresses when you only like 2 of them. 

You’ve Found the Dress!

Once you find your gown, The Perfect Bride requires a 50% deposit to get the dress ordered and the remainder of the payment due once the dress arrives.

Finding the perfect dress is exciting! Our team at The Perfect Bride is ready to help you find the dream dress you've been looking for. Call us today to schedule your appointment (and don’t forget to have a couple dates in mind). We look forward to seeing you and your entourage and hope to make your dress buying experience as simple (and memorable) as possible.

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